Jordan Flowers

Financial Advisor

Life isn’t about the money, life is about the memories you make! I believe you should have your money work harder for you so you can work less! Financial planning doesn’t need to be complicated; all you need are clear goals and clear direction. I work with my clients to develop tax efficient strategies because it’s not how much you make but how much you keep! Tax free income is a very REAL possibility for most people and I can show you how to achieve this. Avoiding market downfalls, and capturing the gains of the market are of great importance! Especially before Retirement!

Income is a main concern in retirement, you no longer have your salary to count on. I create custom income planning so you can live off your nest egg without ever running out of money! Deciding when to take Social Security is a vital part of your retirement plan. I show and explain the many options you have with Social Security that you probably have never heard of. Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Income Planning, Tax Free Income, Social Security Planning, College Planning and Estate Planning are just a few of the things I do. Please allow me to enhance your life if one of these topics is of concern to you. I look forward to sharing a Memory with you in the near future!