About Us

We decided to be independent when we realized that working at a large firm, we sometimes were forced to use the best products our employer made, and that often was not the best product available for our clients. Our only priority is to put our customer first.

Hector Hinojosa, CFP®

Hector has been in the financial services business since 1993. He started in south Texas helping state employees understand and take advantage of their new 401(k) called Texa$aver. In 1995 he moved to Dallas Fort Worth to help teachers plan for their retirement using their Teacher Retirement System and their 403(b). He managed the North Texas and Oklahoma region and served thousands of teachers and many school districts.

In 2002 Hector sat for and passed his Certified Financial Planner exam. He has been a CFP® since then. After working for several large firms he decided to establish SWAN DFW Financial Solutions, LLC. The logic was simple. It was hard to adhere to a fiduciary requirement for a client (doing what is best for the client) when sometimes the firm he worked at did not have the best solution (product) for the client. To better serve the client, Hector recognized he needed to be independent and be able to offer clients the best solutions available – regardless of who makes it.

Hector is active in the community. He and his wife Melissa have been married since 1993. They have 2 sons. Joshua, a sophomore at Texas Wesleyan University, and Caleb who is a senior in high school. They are all active members of The Hills Church of Christ, where Hector serves as a Sheppard. Hector also serves on 2 boards of local charities, The First Tee of Fort Worth and The Recovery Resource Council.

Philip A. Grafmiller, Financial Advisor, LUTCF

An ardent advocate for the Red Cross, Phil Grafmiller enjoys giving the gift of life. This passion is the core mission of his career as he helps give his clients the gift of reliable retirement income for life after their working years.

“I understand how overwhelming and confusing financial planning for retirement can be and go to work every day with the goal of alleviating that stress for my clients. I want them to feel confident in their financial plans and the future retirement they’ve planned for themselves,” he said
Phil attributes his success as a financial planner to his dedication of following the golden rule and always treating and advising his clients as he would like to be treated. Being straightforward and honest with his clients, he always takes the time to sit down and explain the “what-if,” scenarios life could present. Phil maps out a working plan in which clients can clearly see how they could possibly get from where they are today to where they want to be.

Knowing there are still people unsure of their retirement-income strategy motivates Phil to do his very best work, day in and day out. With in-depth experience in 401k planning, he feels a responsibility to mitigate confusion and positively influence anyone working toward a stable retirement.

Phil’s passion for work stems from his love of history. He truly values the gift of life and seeks a deeper understanding of the past. For this reason, he spends much of his free time exploring old buildings and artifacts in and around Dallas. Phil also enjoys spending time with his wife Sharon, collecting watches, cuff links and company lapel pins.