Surepath Financial Services, LLC

About Ken

Kenneth O’Leary is an investment advisor representative of Surepath Financial Services, LLC, a Georgia registered independent investment advisor serving customers in Woodstock, GA and surrounding communities. Kenneth O’Leary’s mission is to provide local families and businesses with innovative financial strategies, solutions and planning that can help lead to financial clarity and security.

Surepath Financial Services, LLC

Ken O’Leary AAMS, CKA

Founder and Managing Partner

Some things you might like to know about Ken:

  • Manages investments on a fee-only (no commission) basis.
  • Is an Accredited Asset Management Specialist and a Certified Kingdom Advisor. More Info
  • 20 years experience as a financial professional. (see broker check)
  • Built and managed an Edward Jones office for 13 years.
  • Has been an independent practitioner since 2011.
  • Has been married to Cindy for 37 years – has two children and four grandchildren.
  • Is active in his church and outside his church with the Gideons, The Walk to Emmaus Men’s Retreats, and small group ministries.
  • Has a degree in counseling and prides himself on being a good listener.

Most of my clients want their money to accomplish the same few goals:

  • Financial security for themselves, so they aren’t dependent on others.
  • Freedom to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, both when younger and in retirement.
  • If possible, to leave a generous legacy to their heirs and/or to charity.

Some things Ken believes about investing – not all of which are widely accepted:

  • “Buy and Hold” may not be best for you. Talk to Ken about alternative strategies for your investments.
  • Each client deserves a customized plan – which needs to be implemented, monitored, and adjusted to meet their goals.
  • Some risks just aren’t worth taking. Some are. And it’s not the same for everyone.
  • A financial advisor should be very, very accessible.
  • God’s ways are the best ways. It is wise to follow them as best we can.
  • There’s wisdom in being content in all circumstances, but there’s a difference between contentment and complacency.

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