Years from now, when the speed and strength of youth are gone and classrooms are replaced by boardrooms, the lessons learned at Gentry Academy will remain.

While there are many quality schools that turn out educated students, Gentry Academy is dedicated to fostering leaders. The leadership skills students learn will set them on the path to becoming high-performing young adults.

Because of the unique background of our founders and staff, Gentry Academy students will develop character, fortitude, and a sense of community that will help them be successful in their athletic, personal, and professional lives. Our commitment to this aspect of a holistic curriculum is evident in our daily schedule. We set aside time every day for leadership and life skills training to foster leadership characteristics and a winning attitude.

Growing into leadership is a process — and it is a process we are very familiar with from our founders being in the military and the business world, and being athletes and life-long learners. We recognize it is not the abstract practice of reading or talking about great leaders, but the activities and attitudes we cultivate everyday, that will stay with students long after their educational or athletic careers are over.

Megan Stone, M.Ed.

Megan Stone, M.Ed., serves as Gentry Academy’s leadership director and director of college counseling.

Megan has walked alongside students, providing the tools needed to achieve success. The mission of her company is to provide organizational strategies and study skills for students to excel in academics and life. Self-advocacy, responsibility and ownership are the foundations of her program. Megan and her staff desire to assist students, parents and educators in the process of encouraging success in and outside of the classroom. Megan has found that confidence in the classroom carries over to every aspect of a student’s life.

Along with coaching students and families, Megan began consulting with school districts, colleges and universities to better equip faculty to work with students who lack the tools to ‘do’ the job of being a student and to build educational ownership. To assist in achieving these goals, she published the “Ownership Series” with Pearson Publishing for postsecondary students. Megan continues to develop new materials for all levels of education and presents training seminars nationwide. She recently released a book for students, titled ‘Own Your Education’.

On a personal note, Megan and her husband, Rick, have been married for 19 years and have two children. The Stone family enjoys time at the lake, traveling and spending time together. Megan actively volunteers in her children’s school, her church and the community.

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‘Working with Megan has not only helped our son learn to be successful in school, but it has also improved the relationship we have with him. We feel we no longer need to nag him about homework. Megan has taught him so many useful skills and he has experienced a sense of accomplishment by putting those skills to practice. He has become more independent and takes pride in his school work.’

Mother of Stone Foundations of Learning student

‘Our tutor really motivated our son. He never wanted to disappoint her so he always had his homework done and everything he would need for their sessions ready and on the table. It was amazing to watch. Before we began the tutoring sessions our son disliked school and had no desire to perform well. Now he takes pride in his work and wants to achieve the best grades he can.’

Parents of sixth-grade student

Shaun Goodsell

The Mental Edge

Shaun provides both online and live training on mind strength to make our students exceptional. Shaun has had a passion for working with and helping kids and adolescents for the better part of his life. He has been working with kids in adverse situations for 20 years and has seen many of them through the most horrific of situations. He grew up playing hockey and running cross country for his local high school, and has also run an amazing six marathons! With a bachelor’s degree in communications, a master’s degree in counseling psychology, and his undying love for athletics and coaching young people, Shaun combined his academic background and passion for sports to create the Mental Edge. the Mental Edge not only guides athletes toward a higher ground in measures of performance, but also in their everyday lives.

Shaun has worked with LPGA golfers, state and national championship hockey players, professional triathletes, state champion football players, as well as those athletes who simply want to “make the team.” Every athlete deals with certain mental interferences and life impairments no matter what level they may be at competitively. There is no such thing as right and wrong, or good and bad, in Shaun’s mind. He does not look at life in these terms. As a performance coach, it is his mission to help each individual athlete develop a new way of defining his or her performance. It is not about good or bad, but about looking at what factors go into a quality performance and what each athlete can do and/or change, individually, to experience just that. With Shaun’s ability to teach and to inspire, along with his ability to clearly communicate abstract ideas, he is able to help each person he works with identify and look at ways they might be engaging in self-defeating patterns of thinking or acting. This results in an overall empowering experience for the individual, raising their level of mental toughness and overall self-esteem. Shaun also works extensively with coaches and parents of athletes in large groups, focusing on their integral roles in athletes’ overall mental development and their lives in general. Each coach and parent leaves these presentations and workshops inspired and better equipped to manage athletes with aim, purpose and compassion.


I have searched for many years for mental assessment tools and mental performance coaches, such as the Mental Edge provides to better understand the athletes I prepare for competition. This program impacts everyone from female youth athletes trying to build confidence to Olympic/World Champions that wants to excel to higher levels. the Mental Edge can help anyone at any stage become the best they can be. The ability of the Mental Edge to provide practical information to the individual is amazing. I would highly recommend using the Mental Edge to anyone.

Cal Dietz, head strength coach, University of Minnesota

My son Colin is a senior at Eastview High School and has been working with the Mental Edge for the last year. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! He has learned many ‘life’ lessons including: planning, setting goals, making a commitment to succeed, decision making skills, to name just a few. As an added benefit we’ve seen a significant level of overall maturity. And not to mention, he is a better goalie. This is a direct result of teaching him to focus, be patient, game preparation skills, setting practice goals and believing in himself.’

Steve Longren, parent

Within the short time with the Mental Edge I learned things that I could apply to my game immediately. I would recommend the Mental Edge to any athlete.

Keith Ballard, Phoenix Coyotes NHL
Student-athletes participating in the Minnesota state high school league for an elected sport are restricted from development with their coach in that elected sport during the off-season.