Financial Advisor

What you don’t want to do is to turn your money over to a financial advisor/wealth manager and walk off, thinking that they are going to be your babysitter and take care of everything for you. Of course, First Security Financial Wealth Manager is the safe choice you can count on, so you’d probably be okay if you did that with us. Still, you should take an active role in your finances because, if it wasn’t us, you might not get so lucky!

That is what we encourage all of our clients to do, and that is why we spend so much time educating them about their finances. That is also why more and more people are thinking of First Security Financial Wealth Manager when they need a trusted financial advisor in New Orleans, LA. We are honest and transparent in all of our dealings, putting the best interests of our clients above all.

How to Choose the Right Financial Advisor in New Orleans in LA

We don’t like our clients to put money into investments that they don’t understand – ever! That is part of the reason why we have such an impeccable reputation within our industry. We do what’s right, and we protect the best interest of our clients. Even if we had a client who wanted to turn the keys of their finances over to us and say, “Just do what you think is best, I trust you guys,” we wouldn’t do it. Let’s say we did, and the money was lost. Who is the client going to blame then? That is why we are so adamant about education. The more you know about your money, the better! We’ll inform you and help you, but ultimately, you need to decide where your money goes.

Demand that Your Advisor Teach You as We Do Our Clients

In line with what we have discussed so far – whether it’s with another financial advisor or us – we strongly recommend that you find a financial advisor in New Orleans, LA, who has the heart of a teacher, not the heart of a salesperson. The same is true with anyone in the financial world. If you sit down with an insurance salesman who drops his glasses to the end of his nose and acts like you’re an idiot, fire them! Some of these financial experts actually teach intimidation selling as a technique to get you to buy without understanding what you own!

When you are dealing with people within the financial realm, such as insurance, mortgage, real estate, estate planning, and certainly investing, you have to make them teach you!