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You probably plan to receive Social Security benefits someday. Maybe you already do. Either way, you’ll want a my Social Security account to:

  • Keep track of your earnings and verify them every year;
  • Get an estimate of your future benefits if you are still working;
  • Get a letter with proof of your benefits if you currently receive them; and
  • Much more!

Setting up an account is quick, secure, and easy. Join the millions and create an account now!


Full list of services and information on how to create an account now

If you receive benefits or have Medicare, you can:

If you do not receive benefits, you can:

How do I create a my Social Security Online account?

How do I finish creating an account with an “activation code” I received from Social Security?

If you received assistance from Social Security to create your account, you can finish the process by entering your activation code.

    1. Go to:

Finish creating an account with your activation code

  1. Accept the Terms of Service.
  2. Enter your:
    • Name;
    • 9-digit Social Security number:
    • Date of birth; and
    • One-time activation code.
  3. Follow the directions to create your username and password.
  4. Accept the second Terms of Service.

After you take these simple steps, your personal my Social Security account is created.


You can only create a my Social Security account using your own personal information and for your own exclusive use.  You cannot create or use an account on behalf of another person, even if you have that person’s written permission. You can never share the use of your account with anyone else under any circumstances. Unauthorized use of this service is a misrepresentation of your identity to the federal government and could subject you to criminal or civil penalties, or both.

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