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Generational Vault

Never again worry about forgetting where you put your trusts, wills, powers of attorney, insurance policy, investments and other critical documents because they can now all be kept in one place  that is easily accessible!

The Generational Vault offered by Brokerage Specialists is a virtual “safety deposit box” for you to upload important documents and view financial information.

It is comprised of three dynamic components:

  • A secure portal to pass and store confidential financial documents.
  • Daily investment and banking values powered by a third-party vendor.
  • Snapshots of financial assets and expenses for you to view your full financial position, and receive monthly newsletters, market commentaries and meeting alerts.

Generational Vault is available 24/7 making your essential documents readily accessible at the click of button.

Contact Brokerage Specialists in Grand Island today to learn more how Generational Vault can help ensure that you are left with clarity instead of chaos.

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