Small Business Owner Leveraged Planning

In most organizations today, there are at least one – and often several – individuals who are indispensable to the ongoing success and growth of the company. These “key individuals” provide so value to the company that their loss would be financially highly detrimental for the firm. It is in these cases where a high cash value life insurance policy can provide the company with a financial buffer to survive the troubles that could result from the loss of such a valued team member. Leveraged Planning solutions provide a business with the means to plan for the contingency of loss of a key individual while reducing the often high capital outlays necessary to fund the life insurance premiums.

There are many business planning opportunities and needs for which a Leveraged Planning solution is ideal. Whether its group life planning or modified business continuity strategies, we are here to assist and provide you with the support and guidance necessary to craft and implement a reliable, efficient and competitive approach for whatever planning needs may arise.